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If you require a service not listed, please contact us.

Service of Process:
Individuals must be legally notified of any legal action they are party to.  Due process must be followed in a timely manner to allow individuals to prepare themselves for court appearance.  This process protects the constitutional rights of all involved.  Service of process includes citations, summons & complaints, rules, subpoenas, etc.  Why use TCI?  First of all, we guarantee a first attempt within 24 hours of receipt of document.  We adapt to what you need.  We have high standards of diligence that all process servers adhere to, but we can accommodate clients on an individual basis in regards to specific requirements.  We will also customize return of service affidavits with specific information according to your specific needs. 

Eviction Services:
    Special Discounts available for bulk eviction services including Landlord's Notices and Eviction Summons & Complaints.  Please contact our office for individual pricing schedule.

Credit Check:
    Please call for details.

Notary Public/Mobile Notary Public:
    Each member of our office staff is a Notary Public and can perform notary services during office hours.  We are also available outside office hours and at alternate locations.

Criminal Background Checks:
    Bulk pricing available, please call for information.

Private Investigation:
    Investigation of person(s) or business.  State licensed, bonded and insured investigators conduct exploration using various means and report back with respect for time and confidentiality.  Extensive options available including video surveillance.  Individual consult on a case by case basis depending on the needs of clients.  Please contact us to discuss further.

Skip tracing:
    Locating individuals that have proved to be difficult to find.  We use a multitude of resources to locate individuals for a variety of reasons including being party to a lawsuit, witnessing a crime, finding a lost loved one, etc.  We are able to retrieve home and work addresses, as well as motor vehicle records, credit and asset checks, possible aliases and more.  We have a high rate of success in this field because we not only procure the information, but use various means to establish the validity of newfound information before proving it to clients.

Various Financial Information:
    Please contact our office for specific information.

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