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Tri County Investigations has provided it's services for over 40 years all across the state of Illinois to a great number of attorneys, government agencies and individuals alike.  Our tenet is that everyone should be afforded equal rights under the constitution.  Due process of law is a guarantee that every person will be properly notified of proceedings and have an opportunity to be heard in court. 

Our licensed private detective and investigators use a multitude of resources to procure information in relation to cases.  Tri County Investigations has increased our mastery with the addition of state of the art technology and an increased staff.  Each case receives attention and expertise backed by years of experience. 

Process servers have strict laws and regulations to abide by.  Every agent of Tri County Investigations is fully licensed, bonded and insured.  "Many defendants in court hearings use the affirmative defense of "I was not served" as an often successful line of defense in any lawsuit.  This defense tends to be effective in many cases because service of process upon defendant did not follow legal procedure." Wikipedia.  TCI has implemented procedures in our office to insure the preservation of vital documents.  We also keep thorough records, extensive field notes and detailed affidavits.  We feel these efforts greatly decrease the success of these claims. 

TCI is a small business that has endured over 4 decades in this industry.  We attribute this to our standard of practice, codes of ethics and shear perseverance.  We have a strong belief in the justice system and realize part of due process is delivering unwanted documents.  People may lash out at "the messenger" and react poorly.  We can only be polite and do the job we are there for.  Our behavior is a direct reflection on our clients.  You can be confident our conduct will always be appropriate and adept.

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